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Complete Astric Dry-Bed Solution.   Model No. 19761

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The Astric Dry-Bed bedwetting alarm is in two parts, an extremely sensitive control unit which uses the latest electronic techniques, and a light, comfortable detector pad which is placed over the mattress protector and sheet, then covered with a smaller sheet - flannelette would be ideal (draw-sheet).

As soon as the first few drops of urine touch the pad, the alarm emits a loud tone which will awaken the patient. There is a volume control and you can choose from 3 different sounds.

The equipment is battery powered with 2 x AAA batteries. These are supplied with the Alarm.

Additional pads can be bought separately and buying a spare pad at the start can save time in the middle of the night.

The Astric Dry-Bed includes the following:

✓ 1 x Astric Dry-Bed alarm unit with 1 year warranty
✓ 1 x Detector Pad with 3 month warranty
✓ 1 set of instructions
✓ 1 x progress chart
✓ A 14 day 'no quibble' money back guarantee certificate
✓ Full access to our customer services department to fully support you whilst using the device

We are the only company to provide a 14 day money back guarantee, even if you have used the Astric Dry Bed.

This allows you to try the product, knowing if for whatever reason you would like to return it, we will refund the purchase price, minus £6 for postage and packing.

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Five out of Five Stars Five out of Five Stars

Thank You So Much For This Amazing Device!

Review by Mrs Cobbie on 4th May 2017

My son is 11 years old and had been wet since potty training apart from a full year, aged about 9 when he was dry. For some reason he regressed and had been wet ever since. We haven't made a big deal of it - though it did frustrate and worry us somewhat. We removed his pyjama pants because we learnt that he actually liked the warm feeling when they were wet! So hoped that removing them would help, but it didn't. I have tried another type of alarm that we fixed to his pants but he didn't even wake when it woke us up. He had got to the stage that he could be dry on sleep overs and even a 4 night school trip - but as soon as he relaxed at home he was wet most of the time. I can't tell you how fed up I was of washing all the bedding, including duvet and pillows EVERY day, not to mention how much washing powder we got through! As he was heading towards secondary school I knew we had to act rather than leave it any longer to ensure that he would be permanently dry. That is when I found Astric Medical when I searched on line. It sounded more resilient and 'scientific' so I thought I would give it a go. I told him that he would have to put some effort in i.e. get out of bed to go to the toilet when the alarm went off and that he would have to do this consistently until he was dry for 3 weeks on the trot. I couldn't believe how quickly changes were made. Within the first week, after the first couple of nights when he was wet and we got up and he went to the toilet, he was dry for about 3 nights. This continued to improve week on week until he was having runs of 10 days being completely dry (within about 6 weeks). The relief was immense - both for him having the confidence in himself and for me, not having to do the washing and not fearing bullying at secondary school. In the second month he managed 20 days dry in a row and then he completely cracked it in the 3rd month. We haven't had a wet night since and we are all delighted. Thank you so much for this amazing device - it gave our son the psychological kick that did the trick.

Five out of Five Stars Five out of Five Stars


Review by Sally Dubock on 20th February 2017

Thank you so much for making a huge difference in our lives!! I was unsure whether the Astric Dry-bed would be successful as Hannah has Downs Syndrome - But it worked amazingly! Thank you!

Five out of Five Stars Five out of Five Stars

Brilliant Little Device!

Review by Mel Woolacott on 11th January 2017

In our opinion, the Astric alarm is a brilliant little device! Our daughter was 9 when we tried it. We had already tried a personal alarm for nearly 6 months, but she really didn't like it, and in the end, it stopped working properly before it had a chance to 'cure' her. Both my daughter and I were close to pulling our hair out when I discovered the Astric alarm on the ERIC website. I was hesitant as the personal alarm hadn't worked for her, so I emailed the company for advice before buying. Ros was brilliant, and has been all the way through. These alarms are so different from the personal ones in that they cause the child so much less stress. Because they are not actually 'wearing' the alarm, it enables them to concentrate on the behaviour their body needs to learn - getting out of bed to use the toilet, whilst the parent changes the drawer sheet or towel, cleans or replaces the mat, and sets it back up. After only a couple of days, I had this down to a fine art - by the time she returned from using the loo, the bed was changed and remade, she could climb back in and settle back to sleep with minimal disturbance and no upset. I am convinced that this is what made the difference for her. Given her track record, I wasn't expecting a quick fix, but within the first month, she had made a dramatic improvement, going from wet every night to about once a week. For the next month she would only wet when she was really overtired, and at the time of writing, she has been dry every night for about 2 months. It is hard to put into words how relieved we all are - and the pride in my daughters voice when she calls me in the middle of the night to tell me she has 'woken up because she needs the loo' is still very evident and makes me very happy to leap out of bed and escort her! She has been dry and relapsed in the past, so we are not counting our chickens, but just knowing that we have the alarm on standby if necessary makes us much happier. I would sincerely recommend this alarm to anyone whose child struggles with bed wetting :-)

Five out of Five Stars Five out of Five Stars


Review by Vicky Marks on 4th September 2016

I just wanted to say thank you for the advice. I purchased the mat for my almost 7 yr old at the start of June. He had never had a dry night and was still in pull ups. I used the alarm and found it wasn't waking him and he would sleep straight through it. After calling the helpline I followed your advice to leave the alarm ringing and wake him. After the first 2 weeks he was wetting twice a night and I was close to giving up. But your advice was to leave it for 4 weeks. Towards the end of the 3rd week everything seemed to click in his head. Since that day we have only had 1 wet night. I am amazed with the results. I now have a happy 7 year old heading back to school tomorrow and no more pull ups. Thank you for your advice, it would be easy to give up, but it was well worth the 3 weeks of sleepless nights for me :) Vicky

Five out of Five Stars Five out of Five Stars

Highly Recommend

Review by 'Amazon Customer' on 10 February 2016

Before we bought this alarm, my 7 year old son had the odd dry night but nothing consistent. We thought we would try this before seeking professional help -so glad that we did. My son was dry after five nights of using this - and has now been dry for 5 consecutive weeks. It comes with full instructions and advice on bed wetting and also with a chart to log your childs dry, slightly wet and/or very wet nights. I am truly amazed how this product worked. Highly recommended!

Five out of Five Stars Five out of Five Stars

Well worth the cost

Review by Smithy on 28 January 2016

I have to admit that I was sceptical about this, having tried most other things in the past, a personal alarm, hypnosis, workbooks etc. I had not purchased this before due to the cost but had to take the plunge as my 8 year old daughter is big for her age and growing out of the night time pull-ups. The first two nights the mat kept going off due to false alarms but after reading the instructions again and adjusting the bedding we only had the appropriate alarms. I fitted a baby monitor to her room and mine so I could hear the alarm going off and react quickly with help. After 2 weeks the sopping wet puddles had reduced to damp patches and the third week was completely dry! I am amazed this has worked so well so quickly. We are now on our 11th dry consecutive night with no set backs. One happy Mummy and one happy Daughter! Would thoroughly recommend this product.

Five out of Five Stars Five out of Five Stars

Brilliant, very highly recommended!

Review by Fiona Mackay on 10 January 2016

Brilliant, best purchase I've ever made. Researched all similar products on Amazon and went for this due to reviews. 5 year old son trained in 8 nights so thought I would try my daughter, 3, and she was trained in 6 nights! Followed instructions given, a couple false alarms but benefits far outway this. Make sure you use full size single flannel sheets to cover the alarm and most false alarms eliminated. Cannot stress how great this was for my family!

Five out of Five Stars Five out of Five Stars

Amazing device!

Review by MR B. on 21 September 2015

8 years without a dry night. After 9 days my son was dry and has been for the last 4 weeks. Amazing device!!

Five out of Five Stars Five out of Five Stars


Review by Miss Rebecca L Davie on 15 September 2014

Really works, amazing.

Five out of Five Stars Five out of Five Stars


Review by Donna Zabbar on 12 December 2013

Tried various other dry night systems but this one seems to be doing the trick, fingers crossed it continues and lasts

Five out of Five Stars Five out of Five Stars

Worth every penny. Do get this if your child needs it

Review by MG on 15 September 2013

Have written another review but needed to say more. Need to use a towel over it as if they sweat it is so sensitive it goes off.

There has been a clear improvement in our son's general mood as this was becoming a real worry for him and we can now plan more sleepovers with his friends and cousins. Very, very relieved.

Five out of Five Stars Five out of Five Stars

At long last!!!!

Review by Hilary on 2 September 2013

My 7 year-old son was still quite happily using 'Drynights', despite his parents frustration! Over the years we had tried various techniques to encourage night dryness without any avail. His twin sister achieved night dryness many years ago.

In final frustration we brought the Astric Dry-Bed alarm despite it being expensive, it has proved its worth.

In the first week we all had broken sleep with a mixture of real alarms and false ones - the system works best if it is covered with either a heavy sheet (perspiration can set it off) or a towel (this option worked best for us) - with children that wriggle in bed you need to ensure it is kept flat and does not get folded over on itself as this will set off a false alarm.

Now after 4 weeks of use my son is dry in the morning!!!

Five out of Five Stars Five out of Five Stars

Amazing results and simple to use

Review by Vic on 8 August 2013

We've been struggling to get our 5 year old dry at night. We tried doing lifting around 10. But if we were late going up to him then the bed would be wet and I couldn't help think we training him to wee at that time. Tried going back into pull ups, but little sister was ready to come out of nappies at night and desperately needed to get son dry as he didn't want to be in pull ups when little sister was in pants.
Before using this alarm we had the occasional dry night. We've been using this for about 3.5 weeks now and have just had a full dry week. Can't believe how quickly we're seeing results.
Really simple to use. Just place on bed and cover with a flannelette sheet (to avoid false alarms caused by sweat). Much less faffy than some of the other alarms that require special pants. It may be fairly expensive but for us is definitely worth it.

Five out of Five Stars Five out of Five Stars

Finally a full nights sleep for my son and I!

Review by Angie on 7 April 2013

My 5 year old has never been dry at night. I bought the Astric Dry-Bed system. I could not have imagined how successful it would be!! By week 3 my son was having dry nights. Prior to this, for months, I had been waking him during the night to take him to the toilet - with very limited success or putting pull up pants on him, only for them to leak all over the bed. I now understand this this bedwetting was not as a result of him drinking too much before bed but due to a chemical 'switch' in the brain and therefore urine was still being produced while he slept.

During the first week he wet the bed twice a night. By week 2 this had reduced to one bed wet a night and by week 3 none (we are only in week 4 and still use the equipment).

We did have a few false alarms in the first week - I found that by placing the 'mat' inside a pillowcase and covering that with a cot bed sheet (width ways across the bed) kept it in place and stopped false alarms.

I decided not to get a cheaper system as they received mixed reviews - and this system seemed so successful. I would highly recommend the purchase of the astric dry bed.

I bought the system from the company who make it - I spoke to them on the phone and they were very helpful.

Five out of Five Stars Five out of Five Stars

Getting there

Review by Mrs M South Wales on 13 March 2013

I've only just started using the alarm with my ten year old daughter who is a very heavy sleeper. It arrived quite promptly and was easy to understand. So far we have had a couple of dry nights and some wet when the alarm went off. The first time, neither of us woke immediately and my son came to tell me (he was not impressed)! Now I shut his bedroom door so he is not disturbed too. Last night when the alarm went off, we both woke immediately. This alarm is so easy for the child to disconnect in the dark, she simply pulled the plug out. We will persevere as early days yet, and she is taking tablets from the doctor too, so fingers crossed! The alarm was pretty expensive but we had little choice as a consultant recommended one but was unable to let us borrow one.

Five out of Five Stars Five out of Five Stars

Amazing device.

Review by Doris Edwards on 30 December 2012

This simple to use device gave great results within days. Totally dry in a few weeks. Wish I hadn't wasted money on others.

Five out of Five Stars Five out of Five Stars

First Class Best Bedwetting Alarm

Review by Shirley J on 9 December 2012

I have been waiting patiently for my daughter to achieve a dry night and at the time of writing, she has been dry of 3 out of the last 4 nights. She had her first dry night after just 2 and a half weeks of use.

This is the second bed wetting alarm I have owned. The last one I bought was more expensive and failed miserably.

My daughter is 6 years old and had never been dry. She had been referred to an Enuresis clinic and I was waiting for her first appointment when I purchased this alarm.

This alarm is brilliant for the following reasons:

It keeps the bed dry.
This product consists of a waterproof mat, which keeps the bed dry. Unless your child produces excessive amounts of urine on wetting the underlying sheets will remain dry and all you will need to do is change the top sheet and clean the mat. This takes no time at all and I had the bed ready again by the time my daughter had gone to the loo and changed her underwear. I kept a roll of kitchen towel and spare top sheets in her room at the ready.

It is easy for the child to disconnect the alarm.
The mat simply plugs into a battery operated unit, which is kept on the bedside table next to a night-light. The alarm is very loud. When the child wakes it is easy to disconnect quickly even if the child is half asleep.

No fiddly attachments for the child to cope with.
This product works without attachments to the child. The last one I had involved attaching a sensor to special pants which was difficult for my daughter to cope with when half asleep.

No special underwear
The child wears their own underwear, which means less expense! The previous alarm I had involved expensive underwear which needed to be washed several times to become sensitive enough to activate the alarm quickly, leaving my child and the bed completely soaked before it went off.

The system is responsive
The mat is sensitive and the alarm will sound at the first touch of urine.

Long battery life
The alarm unit comes with a battery that is designed to last in excess of 12 months, unlike my first alarm where I had to change the battery within a couple of days. Your child will be cured long before you need to worry about the battery.

The unit is also sensitive to sweat which can trigger false alarms. This happened to me a couple of times. Prevent this by folding a flannelette sheet in half so it doubles-up and absorbs excessive sweat before it can set the alarm off. I bought large flannelette sheets and cut them to size.

All you need on top of the mat is a flannelette strip of sheet (folded as explained above) , large enough to easily cover the mat and long enough to be tightly tucked in on both sides.

Use a night-light to gently illuminate the unit. I used my daughter's baby monitor, which comes with a night-light on the child's unit. This meant that I could hear the alarm and did not have to be in the same room with her once she got used to it. It is a good idea to stay in the child's room for the first few nights until they are accustomed to the new routine. The alarm is very loud.

Keep your child's fluid levels up. I was advised 1 to 1.5 litres per day for the age of my child. This helps to increase the capacity of the bladder. My daughter's school helped with this. Speak to your GP about this if you are unsure.

I am so happy now that after all these years I can see an end to expensive pull-ups. This product is worth every penny and with junior pull-ups costing roughly £1 a time, it will more than pay for itself. My daughter is so proud of herself. She never believed she could be dry. I am so relieved and happy for her!

Five out of Five Stars Five out of Five Stars


Review by Scott Smith on 26 February 2012

After trying a cheaper version bed alarm that failed miserably i found this and all i can say is i wish i had bought this first time around. it says it may take a few weeks to start to work but it only took a week and our daughter has been dry ever since. the alarm was loud enough to wake her and the whole thing was extremely easy to fit and clean. it comes with a chart as well to help you keep a log of the type of nights you have. it may be slightly more expensive but as far as i'm concerned it was definitely value for money!

Five out of Five Stars Five out of Five Stars

Very relieved Mum!!!!

Review by Mrs. K. J. Flexer on 29 October 2009

I wish i hadn't waited so long before i ordered this alarm. I dread to think how much i have spent on pull ups over the years!! I went onto this companies web site once i had ordered this product to find out a bit more about them. They are based in the UK which i was happy with and have been selling this alarm for over 50 years. After nearly 3 weeks my son has finally started to have dry nights. I am going to leave the alarm in until he is completely there, but i feel certain it wont be much longer.

From a very happy Mum :-)

Astric Spare Detector Pad

1 x Replacement Pad for Astric Dry Bed

Model No. 19762  Five out of Five Stars Five out of Five Stars 61


Including VAT & postage
(UK only, for countries outside the UK, please email us for exact costs)

Astric Spare Detector Pad For Malem Alarms

1 x Detector Pad for Malem Bed Wetting Alarms

Model No. 19763  Five out of Five Stars Five out of Five Stars 61


Including VAT & postage
(UK only, for countries outside the UK, please email us for exact costs)