How Does The Astric Dry-Bed Cure Bedwetting?

The Astric Dry-Bed works on the principle of conditioned learning which involves learning a behaviour via the process of association. Conditioned learning is a classical learning procedure that was first used to cure bedwetting by Astric Medical over 60 years ago and is now the primary method of curing bedwetting globally.

A child that can control their bladder during the day but wets the bed whilst asleep at night, already has the connections between the brain, bladder and muscles to be dry however, whilst asleep, the brain is not using these connections which results in bedwetting. 

When you use the Astric Dry-Bed and the child wets, an alarm will sound that wakes the child. It is this waking process, initially post wetting, that starts the conditioned learning process which results in the brain being trained and ultimately the cure. Through continued use of the product the child will learn to wake naturally at night when they have a full bladder instead of wetting.  

Whilst each child is different in the time taken to cure, we see 90% of children being cured within 8 weeks. Many patients are cured substantially quicker than this.