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  • “I would like to thank you for your entirely successful product.

    My son started to use the Astric Dry-Bed 2 weeks before his 10th birthday. He was dry on his birthday, with no more wet beds over the last two months.

    He was delighted to be able to go to his friends for his first sleep over last night! And we will have no fears when he is away with his year 6 school trip in November.

    This is in a lad who NEVER had a dry bed, due to his sleeping so soundly: the house fire alarm would not wake him, I could not wake him & a full bladder certainly didn't wake him. But your Astric Dry-Bed did! Marvelous!

    I might add that I am a GP, who followed all the rules, and last easter took my son to an Enuresis clinic. I was offered the Astric Dry-Bed but would have to go on a waiting list, instead of waiting I bought one direct. I am happy to endorse your product and really am very pleased!”

    Dr S Rose MRCP
  • "I am absolutely thirlled with your product! We've just had 6 out of 7 dry nights!!!

    We have been using it for 18 days and had only one dry night in the first week. I have been using the alarm at top volume and changing the sound every night. 

    I am hoping it's already done the trick but will keep using it as recommended for another two weeks. I really didn't anticipate that it would work so quickly and am overjoyed at the results!

    I am forever grateful!"

    S Jameson
  • “Just wanted to send you a quick message to say thanks so much my son is dry after 4 weeks and at 6 weeks we have taken it off the bed and bought him some nice new sheets to celebrate being dry.

    It's been a life changer for him, no anxiety around sleep overs and i'm so relieved as i suffered the plague of bed wetting as a child and just so happy that my son won't have to go through what i did as a much older child with enuresis.

    Your product is amazing! you definitely have a fan here in New Zealand.”

    T Ashton
  • "As indicated on the chart, T. started bedwetting after a move of house when five years old. After five years of trying charts, medicines and just hoping he would grow out of it, he is now dry after approximately two weeks with the Astric Dry-Bed. Naturally he is very proud of himself and we are very pleased. Thank you."

  • “I can't thank you enough for this wonderful system. After years of trying various strategies and medicines, my 10 year old boy has finally achieved dry nights after 6 weeks of using your alarm. I would recommend this product wholeheartedly.”

    L. Holmes
  • "I just wanted to say thank you.

    My seven year old daughter has never managed to be dry at night. We have tried taking her nappies off and medication but nothing worked. Eventually and with scepticism, I ordered the Astric Dry-Bed as a last resort. I was convinced it wouldn't work but low and behold, about 6 weeks later she is now dry at night and the Astric Dry-Bed is no longer needed!

    I honestly can't thank you enough and will highly recommend your product to anyone who may have the same issue."
  • “I just wanted to let you know that we have had great success with the alarm and are very pleased that our son is now completely and reliably dry! He is 11 and we first tried it a few months ago, he had wet the bed every night since the begining and had been using pyjama pants. Amazingly the first night with the alarm he was dry! Maybe the fear of the noise waking him up was enough! But then a few wet nights crept in and a few weeks in he was wetting most nights again. But then the dry nights became more regular and finally he was dry and stayed that way. In all it took about 8 weeks.

    So a million thank-yous! You were very kind and caring when I came to pick it up too and helped me feel reassured. I will recommend you to anyone else going through the same. May I wish you a long and continued success in your business!”

    A Dance
  • “I am writing to thank you for the success we have achieved with your product with regard to our sons bed wetting. He has always wet the bed prior to getting the Astric Dry-Bed, we had no more than a few weeks of dry nights and more often than not had a wet bed every night.

    We had to seriously think about the Astric Dry-Bed due to cost, but i can definitely say it is worth every penny. It has given our son the confidence to know that he can have dry nights and that he doesn't have to worry (this is making me cry writing this!). We haven't had a wet night for months now.

    I just wanted to express my gratitude. It's hard to realise that your child's problem is in his head and not physical. The Astric Dry-Bed has given him the confidence that we weren't able to. I can't recommend it enough!”

    S Field
  • “Your system is fantastic! My son who is 7 years old has always wet the bed every night. My husband and i were debating whether to buy it because it was expensive but we are so glad we did. The Astric Dry-Bed system helped him stop within two weeks. It has made such a difference; so much so, he enjoyed his first sleepover on a school trip without the fear of wetting the bed!! Thank you!!!”

    N Barton
  • “It Worked! And it only took 3 weeks....Amazing, thank you.”

    A Miller
  • “The Astric Dry-Bed has been fantastic. My 5 year old is so proud of himself for waking in the night if he needs the toilet. i am amazed at its success!!”

    A Levack
  • “Our 11 year old son had barely had a dry night in 5/6 years and we've tried various approaches over the years to help him, all without success.

    The effect of using the Astric Dry-Bed was quick and dramatic, with a noticeable improvement after the first two weeks of use. Very quickly after that, dry became the norm for our son and at the time of writing he has been fully dry for 6 weeks.

    This has transformed our son's life and we're all delighted with this fantastic outcome. we'd have no hesitation in recommending the Astric Dry-Bed to anyone looking for a quick and effective solution to night time enuresis.

    Thank you!”

    A Smith and L Reid
  • "Our feedback on the Astric Dry-Bed: It has effected a total cure which has taken longer than the average (achieved in 16 weeks). We are delighted and wish we had tried this years ago.

    Many many thanks!"

  • “The Astric Dry-Bed worked unbelievably fast, for a child who was wet nearly every night. I would recommend this method to anyone whose child is a deep sleeper.

    Well worth the investment. Thank you.”

    L Peat
  • “Surprised how quickly this worked for us.

    After just 5 nights - no wet nights ever since. Dry now for 2 months!”

    Mr Palmer
  • “I was so impressed with the effect and results of the Astric Dry-Bed, especially as I had almost given up hope and thought nothing would work!

    Also thank you for being so helpful on the phone! ”

    J Harper
  • I found the Astric Dry-Bed excellent as I never thought my daughter would ever have a dry bed. It has taken only four weeks. She used to wet the bed at least three times a night, and I would recommend your product to anyone. P.S no more wet sheets!

  • My daughter had a few problems staying dry. We tried the cheap ebay alarms and they either went off too late, or just weren't loud enough. Our GP recommended this and it solved her problem in TWO NIGHTS. Really. The alarm is loud and frankly horrible, but that was just what was needed to program her sleepy little mind. After two nights she was sorted. Dry ever since.

  • …in desperation I eventually ordered an Astric Dry-Bed, reluctantly because I doubted its success …HOWEVER I AM CONVINCED NOW OF ITS EFFECTIVENESS and would recommend it to all mothers who have a similar problem.

    Mrs E.G (North Wales)
  • I just want to tell you how wonderful the Astric Dry-Bed is. My little boy of six had no idea of night time dryness but now after 2 months he is completely dry. He sleeps better, he is more comfortable and in general is much happier. Thank you for such a wonderful invention.

  • …a terrific success, my son is now completely dry. I ONLY WISH I HAD HEARD OF THIS PRODUCT SOONER. Very many thanks.

    Mrs O. (Harlow)